About Alta – Alternative Investments

Alta, formerly known as Fundnel, is Southeast Asia’s largest digital securities exchange for alternative investments. Alta gives investors direct access to invest and trade in a wide range of curated alternative assets, from direct investment into early to late-stage private companies, PE/VC funds, asset-backed securities of luxury assets, real estate and more.

As a licensed integrated marketplace, Alta brings the trading and distribution of securities, fund management, and exchange solutions under one roof. Through its blockchain-powered exchange, Alta is also able to support tokenization, digital custody, and trading of alternative assets.

Today, while more investors are looking to increase their allocation to alternative assets, the high costs of investing and illiquidity of private markets can often give many investors pause. Alta makes it easier and more efficient than ever for investors to trade tokenized alternative assets at smaller, fractionalized blocks, thereby enhancing liquidity in the private markets, and bringing alternative assets to all.

Alta is headquartered in Singapore and operates offices in the region.

About Alta Insights

Alta's creating access to alternative investing in more ways than one. On Alta Insights, get the latest perspectives, research, guides, case studies into a rapidly expanding sector of alternatives that are changing how people are investing today.