Venture Debt Outlook with Lighthouse Canton

Venture Debt Outlook with Lighthouse Canton
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Venture Debt Outlook with Lighthouse Canton and Alta

Why is venture debt seen as a key driver for private debt in Asia? In an exclusive conversation between Ankit Agrawal, Director and Portfolio Manager for LC Venture Debt, and Benjamin Twoon, COO and Co-Founder at Alta (Formerly Fundnel), we explore the exciting world of venture debt, its potential, and how it compares to more mature markets like the US and Europe.

Opportunities in Asia

India and Southeast Asia are emerging as hotbeds for private market growth. These regions boast thriving economies, favorable demographics, and evolving regulations, making them ripe with opportunities for investors. While equity funding may have experienced a slowdown, venture debt is quickly rising as the capital of choice for startups.

Demystifying Venture Debt

But what exactly is venture debt? How does it differ from other forms of financing, and why is it gaining traction among entrepreneurs and investors alike? Discover the answers to these questions and more as Ankit Agrawal shares his expertise on this new and exciting asset class.

Drawing comparisons to more established markets, such as the US and Europe, we'll delve into the nuances and unique characteristics that make investing in venture debt in India and Southeast Asia a compelling proposition. Uncover statistics, technical terms, and insightful comparisons that shed light on the potential for growth in these regions.

Whether you're an experienced investor or simply curious about the dynamic world of alternative investments, this conversation will provide valuable insights. Gain a clear understanding of the venture debt landscape, the opportunities it presents, and the key considerations for investors looking to tap into this rising asset class.

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